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Tupac alive not dead? Latest 2017 conspiracy theory

Tupac, Alive, Not dead
Tupac Shakur at a 2014 Boston Celtics game. Jared Weiss/CLNS

The conspiracy theory that Tupac Shakur is alive and not dead will never die.

When Tupac was “seen” at a Celtics game in 2014, we posted about it and it got an ungodly amount of Internet attention. Here are some images from that fateful night.


Props for the Antoine Walker jersey, BTW.

Unfortunately, this Celtics fan didn’t turn out to be Tupac. His real name is Nash Muraya and he really looks like this (below). Close but no cigar.


This Tupac lookalike photo, said to have been taken in Cuba, is striking.


Here’s what Suge Knight told TMZ in 2014, stoking the Tupac is not dead flames:

“Why do you think nobody’s been arrested? Because Tupac’s not dead … You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar, on an island somewhere.”

Of course, Knight has been all over the place with his Tupac is alive mentions over the years. According to a signed affidavit written by Thaddeus Culpepper, Knight’s lawyer, “Knight has known for many years that Reggie Wright Jr. (former Death Row Records security chief] and his ex-wife Sharitha were behind the murder of Tupac and the attempted murder of Knight.” (Via The Daily Beast).

Here’s another 2014 gem as Tupac was allegedly seen at the BET Awards.


Here’s “Tupac” in an Outlawz music video.



As the years roll by, the conspiracy theories get crazier and crazier. This video about Snoop Dogg speaking in code about Tupac’s murder was published on YouTube this year.

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