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Tupac Shakur not dead? Appears to be alive and well at 2014 Celtics game

Stephen Baldwin Tupac Shakur Yes, that’s Stephen Baldwin with the real Tupac in 1996. Credit: Getty Images

There are far too many people out there that are horrible at hitting on doppelgangers. The look-a-like game is one that should be highly respected.

So when there was Internet buzz Wednesday night during the Celtics’ blowout loss to the Warriors that Tupac was nonchalantly hanging out in the crowd at TD Garden, I was colored skeptical with a Sharpie. But then I saw the actual photos of “‘Pac” (credit @CLNS_JaredWeiss with the “spotting Bigfoot” shots):

Tupac at TD Garden 1

Tupac at TD Garden 2

I mean, right on the money.

Now, Tupac resurrection rumors were popular even before he died in 1996. But those rumors are now regaining steam. From TheNug.com:

“Nicclo Machiavelli, was an Italian Strategist, and author. In one of his more famous works, Machiavelli wrote of ‘faking one’s own death, to fool an enemy.’ Tupac was a fan of Machiavelli, and read his works over and over while serving time in an upstate New York prison. Was Tupac following the advice given in Machiavelli’s writtings? In Machavelli’s writtings, he fakes his own death at the age of 25, and then returns at the age of 43. Tupac also died at 25, and Pac’s 43rd birthday would land in the year 2014!”


Now, the big question.Why wouldTupac show up to a seemingly meaningless game between the Celtics and Warriors?

Oh, I don’t know? Tupac only went to Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, Calif., a mere 14 miles away from Oracle Arena. There’s no possible way he would ever be a Golden State fan, would there?

And why Boston? What, you think ‘Pac is going to keep a low resurrectionprofile front rowat Staples Center? Everyone knows that whenAmerica zigs, ‘Pac zags and that’s why the only other time we’ve seen him supporting a basketball teamin public, he was wearing a Duke Jeff Capel jersey.

Expect more Tupac sightings at random sporting events in the next few weeks. Marlins vs. Rockies, Opening Day? Why not?

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