TV picks: Monday, Oct. 22 - Metro US

TV picks: Monday, Oct. 22

“Ru Paul’s All Stars Drag Race”

REALITY. The stakes — and sequins quota — are even higher in this edition of the drag queen showdown as 12 returning contestants face off for the queen’s crown.

Season premiere, 9 p.m., Logo

“The Voice”

REALITY. We love the whole “steal a contestant” concept, but producers better keep an eye out — someone might get carried away and try to steal one of those spinny chairs while they’re at it.

8 p.m., NBC

“Totally Clueless”

REALITY. A team of improvisers pranks unwitting contestants while hidden cameras roll. The sooner the marks figure out they’re, well, being played for suckers, the more money they win.

Series premiere, 7 p.m., MTV

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