TV Watch List: Tuesday, Oct. 11 - Metro US

TV Watch List: Tuesday, Oct. 11

‘Last Man Standing’

COMEDY. “What happened to men? We used to build cities just so we could burn them down,” Tim Allen’s “manly man” — a sporting goods store exec — practically grunts in a rallying cry to the Web. (This is after he discovers the Web, because naturally he’s been too busy fixing tires and fishing to figure out this Interwebs thing). After a 12-year hiatus, Allen is back on television in a sitcom not far removed from “Home Improvement.” (Instead of three sons, he now has three daughters!) And while the jokes are terribly insulting, Allen — no matter what comes out of his mouth, apparently — remains a likeable pro. This simplistic curmudgeon may just have another hit on his hands.

Series premiere, 8 p.m., ABC


NEWS. Season 30 of this news documentary stalwart opens with “The Anthrax Files,” an in-depth look at the FBI’s investigation into the nation’s most notorious act of bioterrorism.

Season premiere, 9 p.m., PBS

‘Chelsea Settles’

REALITY. Pretty, ambitious Chelsea has dreams of moving to Los Angeles and making it in the fashion world. The show chronicles the perky, plus-sized 23-year-old’s mission to find success in an image-obsessed industry.

Series premiere, 11 p.m., MTV

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