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Twilight toys not welcome

Although Calgary’s branch of the Salvation Army has cast aside Twilight and Harry Potter toy donations, a local pastor says he’s not bothered by the franchises.

Reports came earlier this week that the Christian organization would not distribute toys it feels promote “black magic,” the occult and vampires.

But Cal Hultgren, an associate pastor at Bow Valley Christian Church for eight years, said he leaves it to parents when it comes to what toys their children play with.

“Certainly we do challenge people to think about what they buy,” said Hultgren, who has three kids of his own.

“Certainly, as a parent, you shield your kids from some things … but I wouldn’t find the toys to be an issue for my kids.”

Pam Goodyear, an Alberta spokeswoman with the Salvation Army, said the decision came after a “significant” number of complaints from parents whose children have received such gifts in past years.

“They didn’t feel maybe that they were appropriate for their children,” she said.

Goodyear said religion didn’t have anything to do with the decision, and it is not Salvation Army policy.

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