Twitter brings us every Jeremy Lin pun ever – Metro US

Twitter brings us every Jeremy Lin pun ever

If you can’t get enough Linsanity, a new Twitter account, created just a day ago, is here to provide you with each and every play on words of Jeremy Lin’s name.

It was only a matter of time before this Twitter account popped up. Appropriately named, @EveryLinPunEver supplies a constant stream of Linformation about the overnight Knicks superstar. The creator has a Linfinite talent for catchy puns. See how long you can insert a Linflux of puns into the conversation at work today before your coworkers go Linsane and stage a Lintervention.

If you’ve got a pun in mind that you don’t see on this page, send @EveryLinPunEver a tweet and you might just get an RT. Here’s a Linttle taste of what you can find on this Twitter account.

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