Two for two: New York City celebrates Giants Super Bowl win over Patriots - Metro US

Two for two: New York City celebrates Giants Super Bowl win over Patriots

Next up, that glorious ticker-tape parade!

New York Giants fans watching the game from The Ainsworth rejoiced last night, as Big Blue beat the New England Patriots

Ivonne Smith, a 28-year-old healthcare worker from Jersey City, watched the entire game confident her Giants would emerge the winner.

And she was ready to celebrate with a little more than a few drinks last night, she said.

“I’m going to go crazy, I’m going to do back flips in the streets,” said Smith. “I’m going to take the day off and paint my nails red and blue. I’m calling everybody in my phone to scream GO BIG BLUE!”

Alex Abelin, 28, who works for Google, gathered friends for an impromptu rooftop party at his apartment building last night.

“I said that if they win this game, I’m going to South America,” he joked. “Well I’m going anyway, but I’ll say it’s because the Giants won.”

Manhattanite Ashleigh Groves, 26, was ready to shout from the rooftops. And who cares about work on Monday morning?

“It will be a very happy hangover,” he said.

Midtown resident Sarah Labowski, 23, felt strongly that New York willed the team to win.

“It’s what New York needed; it’s what New York wanted,” she said.

Jersey City resident and chef Effie Speigler, 38, said he was going to rush home to kiss his baby — and skip work tomorrow.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “I’m going snowboarding to celebrate.”

Phil G., 24, a model who resides in Midtown, was ready to follow the Giants into the night.

“It’s such an insane atmosphere,” he said. “I’m going to party it up and go wherever the crowd goes.”

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