Two men arrested in bank and credit card fraud bust - Metro US

Two men arrested in bank and credit card fraud bust

Police have arrested two men in connection with an extensive fraud ring in the city and are looking for more suspects.

Over 300 criminal charges have been laid against the two men after police began investigating alleged fraudulent activity in the middle of March around a mailbox rented earlier this year at a UPS store in southwest Edmonton.

The fraudsters were using fake identification to open bank accounts and credit cards, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of withdrawals and purchases across the country.

“These guys are active across Canada and they’re just one little part of this group,” said Det.

Bob Gauthier of the economic crimes unit. “We have an ongoing investigation which ties this to a whole larger group of people that have worked across Canada and have been for years.”

Gauthier said police are looking for one woman in particular who has been caught on camera at ATMs and banks allegedly participating in fraudulent activity.

“We know her, but we don’t know who she is,” he said. “We know that she’s been at banks opening accounts (with fake IDs).”

Police say the group has been working in Edmonton since December 2009.

Wilfred Usiayo, 41, and Frank Fjira Otoroh, 39, were each handed numerous charges. Police say the investigation is ongoing.

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