Two percent of Americans think Mitt Romney's real name is 'Gromit' - Metro US

Two percent of Americans think Mitt Romney’s real name is ‘Gromit’

Mitt Romney may be the Republican presidential frontrunner, but does anybody know his real name?

According to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll: No.

The mag asked 1,000 Americans what they thought Romney’s actual first name was, and the results were surprising and also a little bit hilarious:

–Two percent of those pulled thought “Mitt” was short for “Mittens,” which is absolutely adorable!

–An additional two percent thought “Mitt” stood for “Gromit.” If only! The world would be a much more whimsical place if our prominent politicians were named after cartoon dogs.

(Here we include a note about methodology. “Mittens” and “Gromit” were two of six possible answers provided by the pollsters, so the Americans people weren’t pulling those names out of thin air.)

The most popular answer was also the most boring — 20 percent of those polled took Romney at his word that his first name was “Mitt.” However, they were wrong! (Mitt is his middle name.) Only six percent guessed Romney’s real first name, Willard, correctly. This isn’t a surprise — If you were named “Willard,” wouldn’t you want as few people to know as possible?

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