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United Breaks Guitars singer launches latest salvo

Sons of Maxwell singer Dave Carroll of United Breaks Guitars fame released his follow-up song and video – United Breaks Guitars Song 2 – at The Carleton last night.

Before the show, Carroll flew home to Halifax from Milwaukee – with Continental Airlines, in case you were wondering.

“It’s been a long day,” he told Metro of his 12-hour trip. “They have a new policy now where they charge you for every single bag you bring. I didn’t expect that.”

Carroll added this “new” policy might inspire a new song.

“United, you broke my Taylor Guitar,” he sings in the original YouTube video, United Breaks Guitars, which drew almost 5,000,000 hits and immediate international fame.

After Carroll flew with United Airlines in 2008, he arrived on the ground to find his guitar had been smashed en route. When he sought compensation from the airline, a representative known only as Ms. Irlweg told him “No.”

In his second song of the trilogy, Carroll plays with the idea that he and Ms. Irlweg could have been friends if not for their opposing roles as guitar breakee and guitar breaker.

“She apologized, as everybody did along the way,” he said in a phone interview. “They said, ‘we’re sorry this happened, but it’s not my fault,’ or ‘you’re not getting anything.’”

The new video shows Carroll and an actress playing Ms. Irlweg running a three-legged race.

“Doing all the things that best buddies would do,” Carroll told Metro.

Thet four-minute video was set to debut on YouTube last night.

“United sees no need to make anything right,” Carroll sings in the new video. “Come on Ms. Irlweg, we don’t need to fight.”

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