Unseasonable temperatures have some searching for holiday spirit – Metro US

Unseasonable temperatures have some searching for holiday spirit

Laura Ferguson is dreaming of a white Christmas.

“I think I have more trouble getting into the Christmas spirit because there isn’t any snow,” Ferguson conceded while shopping at the Halifax Shopping Centre yesterday. “When there’s no snow, it doesn’t feel Christmasy.”

Nova Scotia has been experiencing some warmer-than-usual temperatures of late, making it feel more like early spring than the holiday season.

For some, Tuesday’s 12 C peak has them shoving their Christmas spirit aside.

“We haven’t even put our tree up yet,” said Jane McCarthy, whose living room usually boasts a decorated evergreen at this point on the calendar.

Lila Naugler, whose husband owns the Traditional Evergreen Tree Farms lot at the Halifax Forum, said it’s business as usual.

“The weather doesn’t seem to be bothering people. They’re coming out in hordes,” said Naugler, who has helped run the lot for 30 years.

“It’s the season. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like. Everyone who comes into the lot is happy and jolly.”

Naugler said that although the warm weather isn’t keeping people away, a little of the white stuff never hurts.

“The other day we had some snow flurries and everybody was just dancing around.”

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