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Urban artistic expression

A partnership between community members and construction companies continues to create art opportunities for youth on construction sites in Calgary.

Fifteen-year-old Brandon Hopkins’ photos of graffiti and statues from downtown Calgary are among work from 11 youth being displayed on hoarding boards on the corner of 8th Avenue and 5th Street.

“I like urban art. It’s something I enjoy doing,” said Hopkins, who is from the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, about his choice of photos. “I graffiti boards a lot in my garage.”

The Metro-supported community Boardworx project was created to give youth the opportunity to engage in art and give construction companies a 25 per cent reduction on hoarding permits, said Aviva Zimmerman from the urban youthworx clubs of Calgary.

“It’s great for the public because it is beautifying the city because there’s so much construction and creating art opportunities for young people,” said Zimmerman.

The artwork is shown on hoarding boards, which separate the construction site from the street.

“This project has been unique because we did photography instead of paintings,” said Zimmerman.

The youth involved, including Hopkins, were mentored in photography by education and fine arts students at the University of Calgary.

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