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US businesses are hiring again

After at least two years of suffering American businesses are finally hiring again. Though most regions of the country are still not seeing significant hiring yet, the U.S. is cautiously optimistic about its future. According to economic experts, it may take the country three to four years to return to pre-recession employment levels, but certain sectors are wasting no time beefing up staff now that they have the green light to hire.

Of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the U.S. economy, half are related to health care. Many other job sectors have also experienced consistent hiring increases of at least 10 percent in the first half of 2010. Chief among these are the customer service, sales, information technology, administration, business development and accounting/finance sectors.

In the area of accounting and finance, tax accountants, compliance directors and credit managers are most in demand as businesses seek financial professionals who can help manage costs and enhance profitability as the country exits the recession. In the area of IT, professionals who are able to tie IT initiatives to larger business objectives are most in demand. Network administrators, information systems security managers and systems engineers are among the most advertised positions.

Many new hires will also be for emerging industries. Hiring managers, 41 percent of whom plan to hire within the next six months, are recruiting for jobs focused on new areas such as social media, green energy, global relations and health care reform.

Twenty-two percent of employers report some hiring will also be for unfilled positions for which they have been unable to find qualified candidates. The areas of IT, customer service and communications report the greatest skills deficits. Some companies are looking to skilled freelance or contract workers to move their businesses forward.


» There are many styles of management, usually reflecting the type of work that is done. Regulated or government-serving companies tend to be the most conservative, while businesses serving the public tend to be more creative and informal.

» Because the business environment in the U.S. is highly competitive in all industries, American companies are constantly seeking more effective methods of management and more efficiency from employees to boost productivity, lower costs and reduce attrition.

» American managers must remain aware of trends and new developments in management techniques and adjust their management practices to take advantage of these advances in knowledge.

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