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Using summer to stay on schedule

Taking a summer school course can be a great way to stay on schedule to finish your degree without losing your mind.

Instead of loading an extra class onto a regular semester, think about taking that class during the summer instead.

There are other benefits to going to summer school. Here’s a look at three of the top reasons to take care of some coursework while your friends take vacations.

1. Going outside:

If there’s a class outside your major that you’ve always wanted to take, you may have a better shot at getting in during the summer.

Lower summer enrollment makes it a buyer’s market, especially for popular classes that fill up fast during the regular term.

2. Smaller classes:

Lower enrollment also means classes are smaller. Instead of a huge lecture hall, you might be in a regular classroom with a professor who’s ready to field questions and encourage discussion.

3. Cramming:

Keep in mind that summer classes cram an entire semester into a much shorter timeframe, so class sessions are longer and usually meet five days per week. The brisk pace can be an advantage in some subjects, such as foreign languages, where you benefit from immersion. The condensed schedule can also work against you, though. Many find that it makes tough subjects even more difficult because there’s no time between class sessions to seek any extra help.

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