Vancouver cops roll out their tank - Metro US

Vancouver cops roll out their tank

Police in Vancouver yesterday announced a hefty addition to their fleet — one with a price tag more in line with a top-of-the-line sports car (think Lamborghini Murcielago) than a Crown Victoria.

Deputy Chief Adam Palmer unveiled the creatively named armoured rescue vehicle (ARV) atop Little Mountain and said the hulking $350,000 vehicle would only be used in the highest risk situations, like hostage takings and the arrest of armed and dangerous people.

Palmer outlined past scenarios in which the vehicle, a matte-black armoured car on steroids, could have been used. His list included a 2008 office Christmas-party shooting and hostage taking, and 2005 incident involving a deranged man waving a sawed-off shotgun on the Lions Gate Bridge.

The vehicle would not be used during protests or riots, Palmer said.

The hulking vehicle, which when fully loaded weighs-in at almost 16 tonnes, is bullet proof and seats 10 emergency response members. It has a roof turret and an elevating platform that emerges from the floor.

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