Vanessa Trump posts picture of her kids playing by a tent, as migrant kids are held in 'tent cities' - Metro US

Vanessa Trump posts picture of her kids playing by a tent, as migrant kids are held in ‘tent cities’

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It’s usually Ivanka Trump’s job to post tone-deaf photos on social media following one of President Trump’s more draconian policy rollouts. But sister-in-law Vanessa Trump got in on the action this time too.

As outrage built over reports that the Trump administration was forcibly separating immigrant parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border and putting the children in “migrant camps” and a “tent city” in Texas, Vanessa, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr., posted a photo of herself posing with her children around a play tent.

The caption: “Last trip with my kiddies before their summer camps start.”

Vanessa Trump posted the photo on Wednesday morning; by the afternoon, President Trump had signed an executive order to reverse his own separation policy. The controversy had been raging for weeks, amid reports of children being held in cages and detention centers converted from big-box stores. The tipping point was an Associated Press report late Tuesday that the government was holding babies and toddlers in three dedicated “tender age” shelters.

In May, Ivanka Trump was lambasted for posting a poorly timed Twitter photo shortly after news broke that the Department of Health and Human Services lost track of 1,475 migrant children last year after placing them in foster care. The senior adviser to President Trump posted a shot of herself snuggling with her toddler son, leading some to comment with the hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren. The hashtag #TenderAge joined them today.

Ivanka Trump also managed to stir controversy during the aftermath of an earlier racist policy of President Trump’s: The initial Muslim ban. The night that the travel ban went into effect, stranding citizens of certain majority-Muslim countries in airports, unable to enter or leave the U.S., Ivanka tweeted a photo posing with her husband (and fellow White House adviser) Jared Kushner in evening wear en route to a gala.

Seventeen months later, two versions of Trump’s Muslim ban have been struck down by the courts, and a third is awaiting a verdict.

Although President Trump said his administration would end the family separations immediately, it has left a mess with no end in sight. There are no plans to reunite the children that the government has seized with their parents. There is no model for doing so. There is also no infrastructure for the government to hold babies and toddlers long term.

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