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Vice mogul Shane Smith’s 2003 interview about orgies with co-workers didn’t age well


Considering all the men tumbling from on high and landing smack dab in a puddle of sexual misconduct allegations (we mean you, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and what seems like every other guy in Hollywood), Vice mogul Shane Smith might regret an interview he gave with Gavin McInnes during which the Vice co-founders described a life of orgies, drugs and double stuffing Smith’s penis into a condom.

While promoting “The Vice Guide to Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” in 2003, Smith, who called the greatest part of living in Montreal the pre-work masturbation at peep shows, said the first major ad he sold was to a “big beer company, the worst ad campaign ever.” According to Smith, the woman in charge was a “cougar” and she “wanted to screw.” McInnes added, “We ate our way to the top” even if the options were “old, balding dogs with horrible tits.”

What to do if the marketing was handled by a dude? Just mail him drugs. Smith said, “[s]ending drugs in the mail was commonplace until we found out it was a felony.”

Sex wasn’t just reserved for ad revenue.

McInnes, who left Vice in 2008 and now heads right-wing group Proud Boys, said in a chapter titled “Vice —The Whole Story”, “We’ve always used the magazine as a way to get laid, especially Vice Girls [a ‘girl of the month’ feature].”

Smith added, “We even got some orgies out of it.”

One of the Vice Girls was a woman McInnes referred to as “this slut from Malta” who “Shane and I took to fucking regularly in a porn booth and at the office.”

McInnes wrote, “One time we were f—king her and Shane was lying on his back and I couldn’t get anywhere because they were like a sandwich.”

Despite knowing anal sex was a no-go since they had tried it before and “[i]t was like fitting an elephant in a phone booth,” McInnes said he got his penis “right in” while Smith stroked the woman’s hair telling her “It’s OK.”

Is it, Smith? Is it?

Looking down and realizing that he wasn’t wearing a condom when he penetrated her, McInnes claims, “I pushed so hard I forced my d-ck into Shane’s condom with Shane’s d-ck and we were both in her vagina.”    

Smith’s Vice empire was recently estimated to be worth $5.7 billion with investments from the Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox. As Gawker’s Jordan Sargent put it, “the beginnings of Vice’s ascent up the world of publishing involved less brand synergy and more d-cks and drugs.”


Post fishing nap.

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According to Page Six, a Vice spokesperson said:

“The early history of Vice, which we documented and self-published for everyone to see, was all about shocking and challenging our readers with either brutal honesty or embellished stories of our dirt-poor existence as fringe magazine writers, which in hindsight now shows us to have acted like ignorant, disrespectful and juvenile boors.

“At that time, we were willing to sleep with media buyers to keep the magazine alive. We realized it was wrong and we did it anyway, which is why we wrote about it.

“We’re not going to revise history — that’s where we came from, but over the past two decades Vice has evolved into a very different company today.”

We’re just gonna leave this here: