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Video: Ben Affleck can’t sing ‘Let It Go’

Let’s file this one under the “Stars: They’re just like us!” category. While appearing on “The Tonight Show,” Ben Affleck shared that his son apparently gives him a hard time for his inability to sing “Let It Go” as well as Jimmy Fallon did with Idina Menzel. You know how lots of actors are actually good singers, too? Like when Meryl Streep was in “Mamma Mia” or Reese Witherspoon broke out her country singing abilities for “Walk the Line”? Ben Affleck is not that kind of actor. Though, in his defense, Fallon mostly gave Menzel the floor in the classroom musical instrument video they made with her. Which, just for comparison purposes, we’ve embedded below.

Hopefully Affleck’s kids are unaware that Twitter also doesn’t care for their dad playing Batman, though…

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