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VIDEO: Cate Blanchett really, really likes vodka

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Like, really.

Cate Blanchett knows how to derail a junket interview, that’s for sure. Possibly in a particularly punchy mood toward the end of her “Cinderella” press day, Blanchett gets silly with a nervous interviewer from Australia’s the Project, admonishing him for suggesting she’d enjoy a few beers. “I do not drink beer. I tried to drink beer when I was on pub crawls at Melbourne University. I couldn’t do it,” she says. “There’s a really great potato vodka … it comes from Devon. So you could go to Devon and get me some if you really loved me. If you want the sex to be good, that’s the vodka. The beer is just not gonna cut it.” That last bit even got some laughs from the studio staff and publicists off-camera.

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