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VIDEO: Comedians parody ‘First Kiss’ in naughty video

You’ve probably seen the “First Kiss” video (revealed to be an ad for clothing line Wren) all over your Facebook newsfeed, and after just two days, there’s already a NSFW parody.

Los Angeles-based improv comedy group Pimm’s Girl Comedy released a video that takes the original premise uncomfortably far and past a few more bases. Let’s just say the video gets very hands-on, and though the camera stays above the waist, we can glean what’s going on from quotes like “just touch it” and “slow down please.”

“You look sad. It’s like putty in my hands” is one tragic line from the hilarious video. Aside from the moans and screams and rapid hand movement, along with the line “Um, can I get a tissue or something?” the video is a dead-ringer for its predecessor. The music, awkward giggles and black and white tones truly replicate the, uh, feel, of “First Kiss.”

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