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Video: Conan O’Brien performs the ‘Simpsons’ monorail song

The Hollywood Bowl is running a series of live performances and tributes to “The Simpsons” as the show heads towards its 26th season. The voice actors are out there, and in this instance, one rather famous former writer took the stage. Conan O’Brien was a writer for the show in the early years before moving to “The Late Show,” and is famous for having written one of the series’ all-time classic episodes, “The Monorail Man.” For those who haven’t memorized it, it’s a spoof of “The Music Man” musical.

While the titular monorail man was originally voiced by the late Phil Hartman, O’Brien stepped in to take the stage in this instance. And may we say, he really gives it his all, from the monorail man costume to the stellar dance moves. Shoot, now we just want to watch “The Simpsons.”

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