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Video from Future Boston Alliance pokes fun at city leaders

A video posted recently on YouTube is hoping to stir young Bostonians and takes aim at city leaders for holding down the Hub and causing its “brain drain.”

The more than two-minute video is a mission statement from the newly formed group called the Future Boston Alliance, which is backed by Karamloop founder Greg Selkoe.

“Our criticism of Boston comes out of love and a desire to see the city’s greatest potential reached,” Selkoe wrote on the group’s website.

In the video the group explains why the group is poking city leaders and said its members will work to cut red tape and bureaucracy while advocating for issues like transportation improvements. It also explains that the group spent the last year talking to hundreds of Bostonians about their issues and thoughts on the city.

While the narrator of the video is quick to say that the group loves Boston, the video begins with the narrator saying that “Boston is less than the sum of its parts.”

“We don’t want our city that will be a place that will ban moshing or tell Nike what kind of shirts they can put in their windows,” the narrator explains while a cartoon of Mayor Thomas Menino uses a bullhorn to yell at people and businesses. Menino is then briefly joined by a cartoon of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Future Boston rejects the idea that if you are critical of Boston then leave. That speaks to an old-school defensiveness that we don’t have,” the narrator says.

Watch the video below:

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