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VIDEO: Hundreds drop their pants for annual prank

Hundreds of people descended upon Dewey Square yesterday, but they weren’t there to Occupy Boston. They were preparing to ride the T without pants on.

“It’s liberating,” said 28-year-old Coalton Bennet. “You get to feel the nice breeze between your legs.”

Bennet joined a swarm of supporters who spent Sunday afternoon spontaneously undressing their lower halves on multiple MBTA trains.

The fifth annual “No Pants Subway Ride,” hosted by the Boston Societies of Spontaneity, left unsuspecting passengers subject to seeing peoples’ cheeks and thighs as they took a T ride.

“I saw one guy without pants and thought maybe he lost them last night,” said Margot A., 24, as she took out her iPhone to take photos. “Then I saw another guy without pants. It’s strange.”

On the Red Line from South Station, all was quiet as crowds gathered at the platform waiting for a train.

Once everyone boarded, those participating suddenly, and slowly, started to strip away their sweatpants, exposing their bare legs.

A pantless Ken Reed said he wasn’t embarrassed.

“Watching peoples’ reactions is the best part,” he said, standing in boxer shorts.

When they were done dropping their drawers, partakers partied it up sans-pants at Kings Back Bay.

According to MBTA Spokesman Joe Pesaturo, the event has never been a problem for the transit agency.

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