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VIDEO: Is this the most violent sport ever?

Video of a really brutal looking group fighting sport surfaced on Reddit and we’re hypnotized by its violence.

The entire thing has a very Eastern European vibe to it, maybe its all the vaguely Russian accents that tipped us off.

A quick trip on google revealed that this is in fact a Russian sport called “TFC” or “Team Fighting Championship.”
The sport was referred to by Vice as “too brutal for the United States,” which we have trouble believing if we’re being honest.
TFC’s official website describes the sport as “a new approach to the martial arts where you can enjoy the exciting moments of a group street fighting transferred to the sport grounds.”
Basically, what you can usually watch happen for free at an inner-city high school, or in the alleyway behind a bar, you can now watch for free online.
A bunch of dudes, all of whom look as though they eat freshly chopped lumber for breakfast, get into a gigantic ring and then beat the living sh-t our of eachother.
Which leads us to our original question: Could this be the most intense sport of all time?
The answer? Yes.
Check out the video below. Life pro tip: the real action starts at 3:30, the rest is just women dancing which is always a snooze fest.

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