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VIDEO: Japanese kindergartners sing ‘Day Man’ from ‘Always Sunny’

Fans of TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” will be delighted to see this adorable version of Charlie Kelly’s song “Day Man.” Japanese kindergartners gathered to sing the song on this YouTube video, complete with punching motions. YouTube user Man Bear Pig provided very little context as to why the adorable tots were singing the obscure song, but Reddit and YouTube users seemed to enjoy the clip nonetheless. Oddly enough, the children are singing in front of a dry erase board that has a drawing of “Family Guy’s” Peter Griffin on it.

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along:

Day Man (ah-ah-ah)
Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah)
Champion of the Sun! (ah-ah-ah)
You’re a Master of Karate
And Friendship for Everyone

And here’s how Charlie came up with the song:

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