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Video: Jets’ Nick Folk, wife excited for first daughter

Video: Jets’ Nick Folk, wife excited for first daughter
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It was quite a birthday for New York Jets kicker Nick Folk, who turned 30 years old in November but also found out that his wife Julianne is carrying the couple’s first daughter. And it was a delicious surprise for Nick, now in his fifth year with Jets.

Married to the Jets kicker for over two years, Julianne went to the doctor last Wednesday morning to find out if her third child was going to be a boy or a girl. She asked the doctor to not tell her the results and instead put the paperwork into an envelope. She then took the envelope to a friend who baked a cake.

If it was going to be a third son for the couple, the icing would be blue. Pink icing would signal their first daughter.

Nick came home that night after practice and cut into the cake. On the video, Julianne says right before her husband cuts the cake that “I’ve said girl since Day 1 but I’m going to say boy.” Her husband predicted a boy too. They had teased beforehand that they would have a kicker, punter and a holder in that case.

He carefully cut the cake and pulled it back, revealing pink icing.


“The technician said she was 100 percent positive about this but the last time we went through this, one of my sons who wasn’t supposed to be a son grew a little male genitalia. So we’ll see,” Nick said.

“Now she’s saying a kicker, punter and a cheerleader. We’re both happy.”

Originally, Julianne was going to reveal whether the baby was a boy or a girl sometime over the next couple of days during the Jets bye week. But the couple decided to stay local during the bye week and they wanted to expedite the proceedings.

So Julianne came up with the whole cake process and now baby Annabelle is on her way.

“My wife had all the idea, I just had the easy and tasty job of cutting the cake,” Nick said. “I’ve said it all along for both pregnancies that I just want healthy babies. Boys, a girl, it doesn’t matter. Just to be healthy and happy.”