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VIDEO: Kanye West talks about President Obama calling his home

There’s been a lot of talk about Kanye west claiming President Barack Obama has called his home, and although our Commander and Chief has denied such claims, Kanye remains persistant about the phone call.

TMZ spotted Kanye West at LAX and as usual asked him a few questions about the recent “alleged” phone call.

As TMZ reports, Kanye and President Obama had a breakfast together in Beverly Hills and discussed how Kanye and Kim Kardashian could use his star power to influence people to vote. The goal was to set up a conversation on the phone to continue the discussion, but it hasn’t happened.

As Kanye made his way to the car that was waiting for him, TMZ also asked about the recent comments made by Rush Limbaugh surrounding the University of Oklahoma fraternity SAE singing the racist song. Limbaugh claims that if Kanye had created the song then it would have been a hit.

Kanye responded by letting the reporter know that he’s been “out of town” and needs to catch up on what’s going on. He did promise he would get back to them about it.

West appeared to be happy during this interview and even allowed a fan to freestyle rap for him and posed for a few selfies. At least he wasn’t body slamming any photographers.

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