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(VIDEO) Kohl’s channels Rebecca Black for Black Friday commercial

Just when you thought you’d heard Rebecca Black’s obnoxiously infectious “Friday” for the last time, it’s popped up again, just in time for the holidays. This time, in the form of a Black Friday commercial by Kohl’s.

The lyrics have been changed up a bit, but the tune remains the same. This time, of course, it’s a shopper singing — you guessed it– “It’s Black Friday, Friday.”

It’s actually a pretty hilarious take on the song, as the woman singing and pushing her cart goes on singing, “Everybody’s going there at midnight, midnight. Black Friday, Friday… something that rhymes with Friday… but done, done, done. I’ll be done with this by the weekend.”

Pay close attention to the clip at the beginning and keep watching for a shopper in a red coat — you might just recognize Rebecca Black herself, making a cameo appearance! Love it or hate it?

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