VIDEO: Man confronts panhandling woman when she's spotted in new car - Metro US

VIDEO: Man confronts panhandling woman when she’s spotted in new car

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In Oklahoma City Oklahoma, an elderly woman who is known for panhandling in the gets confronted by a man when he spots her driving a new car at the gas station.

The video was uploaded toFacebookby Brandi Newman and has received close to 3 million views in a few days.

The man, who is identified as Daniel Ayala became enraged when he noticed the same woman he gives money to every day pulls up at the gas station driving a 2013 Fiat.

“I gave that lady over $15 in five days. $15 could make me enough to come to work for gas. For her to just take my money like that,” says Ayala during an interview with WKFOR. Ayala becomes angry and threatens to break the woman’s windshield if he sees her again.

According to the news report, Newman was contacted by the panhandler’s family and told her the 78 year-old panhandling grandmother has a permit to panhandle.

Watch the video below.

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