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VIDEO: Man lets reporter know what he would do if he wins Powerball

We weren’t expecting this answer.

When most people dream about winning the Powerball, they imagine themselves living comfortably for t the rest of their lives.

FOX 5 Las Vegas reporter Ophelia Young asked a man what he would do if he wins the Powerball jackpot and his answer is priceless.

The man looks her straight in the eye and says, “Bunch of hookers and cocaine.”

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Young busts into laughter and responds, “We were hoping for a different answer. That’s probably not the answer that we’re looking for.”

The man, who has been identified only as Isaac told KLUC he had been standing in line for 30 minutes to buy his ticket and had no idea he was going to be interviewed.

“I had no idea they were coming up to me, I was on my phone minding my own business,” he said. There’s a mic in my face and I’m just caught a little off guard. I just answered the question and I thought I was done, and she kept going. And I was like, oh here we go. She kind of made me feel a little dumb out there, so I gave her a dumb answer,” Isaac explains to KLUC.

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After the awkward, but funny television moment, Isaac explains to Fox 5 that he’s married with two children and would not actually spend the money on what he said previously.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on January 7 and has gone viral with close to 2.3 million views.

As for the Powerball, nobody won on Saturday’s drawing. Since the video aired, the jackpot has been raised to $1.3 billion.