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VIDEO: Off-duty cop pulls gun on bike messengers

VIDEO: Off-duty cop pulls gun on bike messengers
Taken from YouTube video

An off-duty New York police officer was caught on camera pulling a gun on fourcyclists making a food deliveryon Tuesday afternoon.

Gothamist reports the incident happened in the West Villageafter the cop pulled his car into a bike lane, barely missing the cyclists.

According to NY Daily News the video of the heated interaction was posted to Facebook at around 3:15pmby 22-year-old Aaron Lawrence, captioned “Watch your heads.”The recordingstarts with one of thecyclist yelling at the cop to put away what looked like a silver revolver in his hand.

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“My friend kind of screamed at him as he’s riding off… He stops his car, and he’s getting out of the car. As soon as he gets out of the car, I see a gun in his hand,” Lawrence said.

The cyclistreported the officer never mentioned he was a cop, nor did he present his badge as evidence before yelling at the men to “Get on the floor, get on the floor!”

“You almost f–ing hit me!” Lawrence yelled at the officer.

“I didn’t hit you,” the sergeantsaid.

Lawrence’svideo concludes with the officer retreating into a restaurant to call 911, police sources say, because he felt threatened by the cyclist’s aggression.

The commotion caused anearby elementary school to goon lockdown,according to ABC 7, at which point on-duty cops arrived and arrested Dejaune Jones who was recorded in the video yelling at the cop,”Show me your f–ing badge!”

Although police did not recover a weapon from Jones, officers claim that he taunted the off-duty cop with an icepick,punchedhismirror, and kicked the the bumper on his car. The cyclists defended that Jones was innocent of all accusations and did not commit any crime.

Jones was charged with criminal mischief, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and harassment, was issued a desk appearance ticket and was released. On his way out the 19 year-old reportedly shook the officer’s hand and apologized for the fiasco.

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