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VIDEO: Sam Adams ‘debuts’ helium beer for April Fools Day

Jim Koch, brewer and founder of Samuel Adams, has an exciting new product to show off, and it may be his most buoyant beer to date.

Koch introduced the world to HeliYUM ale on Tuesday, the world’s first helium beer. Sam Adams released a video to tease it for April Fools Day, and the stunt is one of the best ones yet.

Watch Koch as he takes a gulp of HeliYUM and listen to his voice change as he describes the notes and flavors of the beer. As it would with a sip of helium, Koch’s voice eventually makes it back down, but then the real party begins as everyone else gives HeliYUM a shot.

Watch “taste-testers” at the Samuel Adams brewery as they talk about how delicious the beer is in their tinny voices. Alvin and the Chipmunks were definitely underage, but now we know what it would sound like if they reviewed beer for a living.

The best comment? One woman says of the taste test, “I’m pretty lightheaded now.”

But why keep it a joke? Maybe the popularity of the video will prompt the geniuses at Sam Adams to make HeliYUM for real — it would certainly be an easy way to break the ice at a party. Make it happen, Sam Adams!

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