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VIDEO: Scientists on Mt. Washington can’t beat 100+ mph winds

While most of New England is finally thawed out from its mild winter, the folks at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire are still dealing with ice and staggering winds.

The apparently extremely cool scientists at the mountain’s observation center demonstrated just that with a video posted to their Facebook page this week, showing weather observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham trying their luck in the cruel, unforgiving face of Mother Nature.

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Watch as one of the scientists tries, and fails, to fall backward into the wind:

Experts at the center said winds have topped out at 109 miles per hour, but the seemingly impenetrable wintry weather will soon pass for the coming tourist season this summer.

And that’s nothing — the summit of the 6,289 foot mountain was, for 62 years, the longtime site of the fastest non-tornadic wind ever recorded by man, at a terrifying speed of 231 miles per hour.

We’re not so sure you’d be jumping around then.

You can watch the full video in the Facebook post below.

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