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Video streaming service Napflix lulls you to sleep

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We’ve all stayed up into the early hours binge-watching an entire Netflix series, when we only meant to watch one episode before bed. But Napflix, a new video streaming service, aims to have the opposite effect, lulling us off to sleep through “monotony and repetition.” The site, created by the Spain-based Victor Gutierrez de Tena, offers videos such as “World Men’s Curling 2016,” Quantum Theory,” “The Wonderful World of Tupperware” and “The Model Railway” to bore you to sleep. The founder explains why he developed the world’s most soporific site.

How did you come up with Napflix?

Three weekends ago I was watching a typical goalless soccer match, and I started to think about all the things that I usually watch around my nap time that help me to sleep. That’s when I came up with the idea to gather all that content on a platform and build a siesta digital site that helps you nap.

How do you decide which movies to include on Napflix?

The criteria for our videos are that they have to be monotonous, repetitive, nostalgic and relaxed. It’s all got to have the same pattern and help you to disconnect your mind. The movies could include the kinds of things that remind us of our childhood, or the things you want to watch after your dinner — sports, a TV series or post-meal classes.

Does Napflix take siesta time to the next level?

Napflix is a tool to disconnect and fall asleep. We live in a non-stop content culture where we spend hours updating our Facebook timelines, seeing stories on Snapchat and playing boring games on our smartphones. Napflix understands that boring entertainment exists and we have created a place where you can enjoy it.

What are the users’ reactions to your service?

We have visitors from around the world, including Italy, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, México, Chile, Peruand the USA. And we only have positive comments about our TVand radio programs. People send us messages of congratulations, journalists use the word Napflix as a definition of something monotonous and our metrics show that people like the platform.

What’s next?

At the moment it is just an idea that does not generate profits. We need more time to understand our users and to improve the platform.

-Dmitry Belyaev