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VIDEO: Trump has hair disaster while boarding Air Force One

Trump might get more respect if he shaved his head, says science

A gust of wind is responsible for a Donald Trump hair video that has everyone talking.

Last week, as President Trump boarded Air Force One, a blast of wind whipped his hair back and forth, revealing his scalp. And as soon as the Donald Trump hair clip hit social media, it quickly became an image you can not unsee. 

As cameras followed Donald Trump walk up the stairs of the presidential aircraft, they captured the back of President Trump’s head as he walked up the stairs.

When you take a close look at the video, you see that there appears to be an extra-long patch of hair on the right side of his head that wraps around his head. As the wind gust met the back of his head with the precise amount of force and at the perfect angle, it moved his mane to the front of his head, revealing yuge bald spots. 

The Donald Trump hair video has captured the attention of people on social media as many were shocked to see Trump’s comb-over come undone. The video was posted to YouTube on February 5 and has gone viral with more than 4 million views.  

While President Trump has become known for having a few bad hair days here and there, the image of his hair flying in the wind caused many people to take to Twitter to share their thoughts. 

Donald Trump hair malfunction viral video

Twitter reacts to Trump’s hair blunder

And just like that, the Trump Hair hashtag started to trend on Twitter.

The Donald Trump hair parody Twitter account responded to the Trump hair blunder after the video went viral, hinting that maybe it just wanted to be noticed.

“I don’t see why everyone thinks this is such a big deal. I don’t just have a mind of my own, I have my own Twitter account. Sometimes I just need to get everyone’s attention.”

And there it is.

Donald Trump Hair Disaster

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