VIDEO: Watch this amazing cover of Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Beat It’

Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” is arguably one of the greatest pop songs of the 1980s so if you’re going to cover it, you better do come with your best.

Guitarist Miguel Rivera created this special cover of “Beat It” on the acoustic guitar and it’s amazing. Rivera was able to play all the components of the song together on guitar including the percussion to create a silky smooth rendition of one The King of Pop’s greatest hits.

I had to find the proper tuning and make good use of the harmonics but in the end I got it. The tapping part is to remark on the great solo that Eddie Van Halen recorded for this song, he explains in the YouTube description for the video.”

Rivera created this arrangement to honor of the anniversary of Michael Jackson and it doesn’t disappoint. The video was posted two days ago and it’s now gone viral. We look forward to more of his covers.

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