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VIDEO: Whale teases kids at Connecticut aquarium

Need a little pick me up today? If this adorable video of a Beluga whale teasing children at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut doesn’t do it for you, nothing will.

The video, posted by Michelle Cotton, starts off with a mother calling her kids to return to the whale tank, explaining that the whale is going to “do it again.”

About 45 seconds later, the whale approaches the children and presses its head against the glass — a whale smush-face of sorts. Then it opens its mouth and pretends to lunge at the kids, making them jump back and laugh hysterically.

Just when Lilly and Mikey think the whale is swimming off, it turns back and pretends to lunge again, starting a whole new series of giggle-worthy exchanges.

Even if whales aren’t your thing, the children’s laughter in this video is sure to brighten your day.