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VIDEO: Woman with 7-foot butt feels ‘comfortable in my own skin’

“Does this make my butt look big?” It would be a lie to ever answer “no” to Sarah Massey.

Massey, 33, has a derriere that measures 7 feet around and must wear a size 10XL. She even once broke a toilet bowl just by sitting on it, reports the Daily Mail. Barcroft TV interviewed the self-styled “big booty diva” and found a woman who has learned to embrace her curves.

Massey, who lives in Chicago, said she gets plenty of stares and giggles, but she’s happy with herself — and she isn’t the only one who likes her body. The father of her children, Albert, said, “I was attracted to her from what I seen at first — a lot of woman.”

Her extra large size isn’t without its drawbacks. Massey said she has difficulty walking around and squeezing through tight spaces; she also has trouble getting into her car, a Chevrolet Impala, and buckling the seat belt. Massey admitted that her family wants her to lose some weight and that she has issues with portion control. Her son Christian, 14, said other kids make fun of his mother and call her “big booty Judy.”

But Massey maintains a sunny disposition. She makes money by putting photos of herself online in lingerie. “My fans love, love the big booty,” she said.

And she doesn’t let the haters stop her from flaunting her body. “[I’m] letting them know I’m comfortable in my own skin,” she said.

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