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VIDEOS: Safaris gone wrong

VIDEOS: Safaris gone wrong

News broke that a New York native by the name of Katherine Chappell was killed by a lion during a recent safari excursion in South Africa.

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“Katherine Chappell, 29, who grew up in the Westchester town of Rye, was killed Monday when the beast lunged at her through the window.”
“Chappell, who studied at Hofstra University on Long Island, was mourned by her grieving family on Facebook.”
‘We are broken-hearted to share this news with our friends and family,” the post read. “Yesterday morning, while on a volunteer mission to protect wildlife in South Africa, Kate Chappell was involved in a tragic and fatal accident.”
The recent death has brought light to the possible dangers of safari excursions. Just how dangerous can these treks be?
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Earlier this year Today reported on a viral video of a lioness opening a car door with her teeth. You read that right, Nala opened a car door with her teeth to say “Hi.”

The Telegraph reported on two incidents in which safarists’ encounters with nature were a little too close for comfort.
In 2014 a British couple and their car were attacked by an elephant. The woman was reportedly stabbed in the thigh with the elephant’s tusk. Her partner was left only with minor injuries.
The elephant was put down following the attack.

In 2013 The Telegraph reported on a less violent, but just as frightening, encounter. A video shows an impala fleeing from cheetahs to the (odd) excitement of the safarists in their cars. Then, in an act of desperation, the impala is seen jumping into an open window of a car.

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