Allow us to paint you a picture, you’re trapped like an animal at your Aunt Maureen’s house in Connecticut, the booze has run out, the food is cold and if you have to look at pictures of your cousin’s recital one more time you’re just going to die.

Is this you? Then you need a laugh, my friend. Your humanity needs a laugh.

Metro would like to present to you, some of the funniest videos on the Web that our little brains can think of.

These videos range from old to new, and from weird to vanilla. Keep in mind that some of these videos are practically dripping in profanity.


Happy holidays, human!

Do you watch Bob’s Burgers? If you answered “no”, go away now and watch it. Leave now. You won’t regret it. If you answered “yes”, then do you recognize that voice? The genius behind Linda Belcher’s voice, John Roberts, got his start on Youtube and his videos are a goldmine of laughter.

Crying Sorority Girl is simply magic. A hysterical sorority girl apparently tried to “make it snow” with a fire extinguisher and disaster ensued. The best part about the entire video is the “friend” recording this confession. How cruel is this person? “Oh my god you’re so upset about something you did, and you’re having an ugly-cry? LET’S RECORD IT FOR THE INTERNET.”

If you get pleasure out of other peoples pain and misfortune then this video could very well be, something you’ve likely seen already, but also the crowning jewel of sadistic humor videos.

Upon re-watching this video, Metro isn’t too sure about just how real it is. Everything is too perfect, and everything is too “unplanned.” Be that as it may be, it’s still amazing and gross, and amazingly gross.

Shit Girls Say, was talking about being basic before it knew the word even existed. You might notice a trend of men dressing up as women in Metro’s video picks, and that’s okay. Okay?

Muffins was one of the first videos to go viral on YouTube. The same actor who made this video also made “Shoes” which was also an early YouTube hit. You’ve probably already seen this video, but let’s be honest, it’s been a while. Laugh, human. Laugh!

We’re mildly surprised that Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell weren't offered an award show hosting gig. If you’ve never seen this before, the duo go up on stage and (maybe) prentend to have never heard of the actors of the films being nominated. It was a glorious moment in television history and a glorious moment for the internet.