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WATCH: Seth Meyers records ‘tiny voice’ in the back of Trump’s head

Trump on Seth Meyers

You know that tiny voice inside your head that narrates your every move, tells you inside jokes when you’re lonely and criticizes your life choices to no end? Everyone has one — even the president.

Tuesday night, Seth Meyers said (read: joked) that “thanks to new technology” they have the ability to record the “tiny voice” in the back of Trump’s mind. Meyers speculated that this inner dialogue is full of “paralyzing fear and self-doubt” despite the fact that Trump presents himself as a confident person. 

In the parody video on “Late Night,” which shows Trump standing next to Mike Pence at a press conference, the voice condemns our leader as his VP talks. “Hey Donald, it’s me, the tiny voice in the back of your head,” it begins. “Are you thinking what I am thinking? Because I am thinking that Mike Pence looks a lot more like a president than you do.”

The tiny voice goes on: “I mean, look at him. He’s killing it right now, speaking in complete sentences, turning the page each time he finishes a page, not making insane gestures.”

This, of course, pokes fun at Trump’s speech-making tendencies — slurred words and peculiar hand motions

“He looks like a real president,” the voice continues. “And look at you, you look like a guy who won a contest to stand next to a president. I mean, he’s a complete freak and all but at least he can fake being normal. How does it feel to be weirder than Mike Pence?”

Pence’s outer voice praised Trump during the final Cabinet meeting of 2017, saying the president has “restored American credibility on the world stage” and “spurred an optimism in this country that’s setting records.”

“I’m deeply humbled as your vice president to be able to be here,” he said.

And Monday, during his four-day visit to the Middle East, Pence defended Trump to the Associated Press when asked about the president’s “sh*thole countries” comment allegedly made earlier this month at a private immigration meeting.

“I know the president’s heart and I know that what President Trump wants to do is reform immigration to make our system one that puts the interests of America first,” Pence said, adding that there should be a merit-based system for immigrants “regardless of what country they come from or what their race and creed is.”

Maybe Meyers will delve into Pence’s psyche next to take a stab at what his tiny voice is saying on the inside. 

Watch Trump’s ‘tiny voice’ video

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