A new video mashup featuring footage from Matthew McConaughey crying in ‘Interstellar’ and the new Star Wars teaser has surfaced online.

Once again, we find ourselves watching Matthew McConaughey and seeing so much of ourselves within him.

McConaughey just might take the award for the ugliest cry ever, especially when put into the context of the glorious “nerdgasm” that is the trailer for the newest Star Wars Film.

But in a way aren’t we all McConaughey? Aren’t we?


Look at those tears!

For those unfamiliar, the footage of McConaughey crying is taken from a scene in ‘Interstellar’ during which his character watches a video transmission from earth while he’s off hunting for black holes with Anne Hathaway.

If there’s anything to take away from this, it is that if you didn’t cry while watching the new Star Wars teaser (you’re a monster), then McConaughey did all the crying for you.

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