VIRAL VIDEO: Family Feud contestant's 'gerbil' answer shocks Steve Harvey, America - Metro US

VIRAL VIDEO: Family Feud contestant’s ‘gerbil’ answer shocks Steve Harvey, America

Family Feud contestants produce the some of the funniest answers ever heard in all of game shows and this one ranks as one of the best.

During Monday’s episode a contestant named Darci was asked a question that should have provided a common answer. Steve Harvey asks, ““What does a doctor pull out of a person?”

As soon as he asks the question, she slams her hand on the buzzer and replies, “A Gerbil!”

Darci immediately follows with, “I didn’t say that! I didn’t say that!”

She later goes on to explain that she “read about that once.”

We’re not exactly sure what she’s into in her personal life or how she even came up with that response but everyone bursts into laughter, especially her opponent, Manny.

Steve Harvey chimes in by adding,”First thing, BAM! Gerbil!”

Manny got his chance to answer: a baby. Of course that was the number one answer on the board.

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