Although the snow from Jonas is just starting to finish its final phase of melting away, many New Jerseyans remain as ice cold as ever against their governor, Chris Christie. So cold is their grudge against the governor for his lack of action during the storm and its subsequent flooding, that there is a GoFundMe campaign to send mops to Christie.

Why mops? Well...

As PhillyVoice reported, “During a town hall meeting Tuesday in Hooksett, New Hampshire, an attendee asked Christie why he chose to continue campaigning rather than remain in New Jersey to respond to storm flooding, to which he responded: ‘I don't know what you want me to do, you want me to go down there with a mop?’”

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This of course was like throwing gas on a small flame, and the resulting cannon ball of anger from his constituents has resulted in this sarcastic community funded protest.

“Instead of staying in the state and being a leader during a record breaking Blizzard, our governor has abandoned us for his presidential campaign. For his own personal gain, he abandoned the people that he promised to govern and lead,” the campaign description laments. “This is unacceptable of a leader and an embarrassment to the people of New Jersey. Lets join together by raising funds to Mop up the mess we have in Trenton.”

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So far the campaign has managed to raise $650 of its $1,000 goal, which reportedly came from 63 angry men and women in one day.

According to the GoFundMe page, if users would like funds to be directed to other recovery efforts, donors can specify in their comments.

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