A new video supposedly shows a naked Russian fisherman emerging from a lake with a fish firmly biting down on his manhood, but the clip’s authenticity is debatable.


In the video, two Russian men discussed the danger of a particular polar lake as they stood on the shore, the Daily Mail reported about the video.


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“Be careful there. There is a hole there underwater. I've just caught some grayling there. Take care,” the man holding the camera said to his friend, who was naked and planning to enter the water, according to the Mirror. “I'm not afraid of them,” the friend responded.


The naked man dives into the lake but quickly runs back to the shore, covering his groin as it apparently had a live fish attached, the Daily Mail stated.

“Look what I've caught on my 'worm'. It could bite it off,” the naked angler with the attached fish was quoted by the Mirror.

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After the incident, the fish was later shown on the ground after it was apparently removed by the fisherman, according to the Daily Mail.