A video of a man playing XBox on the New York City subway. K den / YouTube

We’ve all past time during a boring commute with a game of Bejeweled or maybe been surprised to see someone still pull out a full-size laptop on the subway — but this straphanger is not fooling around.

A video posted to YouTube late last week shows a man passing his time on the subway playing a full-on Xbox game console, complete with screen and remote.

The approximately 30-second video shows the man lounged out on a corner seat playing like it’s no big deal. No one seems to mind, however, as the train doesn’t seem crowded and no one comes into view as it makes a stop.

A commenter wonders where he got his power connection from, but another rightly notices his three large bags on the floor that must have a battery pack. “He’s clever,” the commenter says.


Others seem impressed by the “dedication” this gamer has, but other, typical New Yorkers are just annoyed that he is taking up so much space: “This can be the official poster for "Zero f--ks were given.”

“Someone needs to show this dude how to run steam on a laptop, “ cocojumbo writes.

“Why not Xbox One Slim or PS 4 instead? Won Becket adds. “They're far more portable at least...”

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