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5 smartphone games that will make you smarter

5 smartphone games to play when you're bored

There are occasions when killing time can actually train your brain. Metro rounds up the best games to entertain and educate your mind.

1 – Smash Hit (Available for iOS and Android)

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<p>Break the commuting boredom by sending yourself on a journey through another dimension, where you have to smash everything that comes into your path. The musically synchronised gameplay, which is set across 50 different rooms, requires fast reactions to destroy multiple mirrors with ball bearings.</p>
<p><b>2- Swap Ball </b>(Available for <a href=iOS and Android)

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<p>This game might just drive you mad but it is fun… we promise. The way to play is to match the color of the ball’s exterior with the color of the shape. It sounds simple but that ball does start to move pretty darn fast.</p>
<p><b>3 – Geometry Ball</b>(Available for iOS and Android)</p>
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<p>This challenge is leading to a lot of frustration — and smashed phones. You’ve got to try to gently tap the colored ball through the corresponding color of each power cup. Believe us, it takes a hell a lot of patience.</p>
<p><b>4 – Geometry Dash Lite</b> (Available for <a href=iOS and Android)

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<p>Jump and fly your way through this rhythm-based platform game set to oh so catchy music. But remember to stay safe by keeping an eye out for those spiky objects!</p>
<p><b>5- Don’t Tap The White</b> Tile (Available for <a href=iOS and Android)

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<p>This is an addictive game which requires players to be vigilant and fast with their fingers. The tiles fly across the screen and the goal of the players is to tap on all of the black ones without hitting a single white one. If you tap a white tile, the game’s over.</p>
<p><i>– By César Acosta</i></p>
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