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Planky photo app easily compresses your images without losing quality

If you’re someone who takes a lot of photos with your mobile device, and always seems to run out of storage space, then this app is for you.

Planky is a smartphone app that cleverly recognizes the photos on your phone and quickly converts them to a mobile-friendly size. The app compresses the photo but the quality stays the same as the original.

The app was designed for people who have a limited amount of storage space on their mobile devices, but still want to save high-quality photos.

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The app has a separate photo library that allows you to view the compressed mobile photos before replacing the full-size versions. All images stay on your device without the use of any cloud-based storage systems.

According to Planky, an HDR photo taken with an iPhone that is around 4.4 MB can be converted to around 120 KB with the app, reducing the photo size by 95 percent.

If you crunch the numbers, each free gigabyte on your smartphone could give you up to 10,000 photos with the Planky app.

The Planky app is also useful for those who upload a lot of photos to social media. If you’re concerned about using up all your data with full-sized photos, the Planky app can allow you to send smaller-sized images.

Currently, the app is only available for iOS, and can be download from iTunes for free here.

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