NYC welcomes AT&T 5G service – Metro US

NYC welcomes AT&T 5G service

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As of Tuesday, AT&T has launched 5G in limited areas of New York City. It is the first city in the United States to have access to their 5G service. 

According to a press release from AT&T, 5G for phones means “delivering additional capacity and lower latency over 5G millimeter wave,” which translates to super-fast speeds with a broader coverage range.  

AT&T is planning on providing this service to business customers and developers in the NYC area first. Folks using a Galaxy S10 on their AT&T Business Unlimited Preferred Plan will get first access to the feature. 

AT&T chose New York City because, according to Amy Kramer, president of AT&T New York, “As a densely-populated, global business and entertainment hub, New York City stands to benefit greatly from having access to 5G, and we’ve been eager to introduce the service here.” 

Kramer continued, “While we are pleased to take the first step today in NYC, we maintain that the City is in critical need of a strategy that allows wireless carriers to add capacity where it’s most needed – particularly in densely populated and trafficked areas – in order for 5G to reach its full potential for our customers.”

The initial availability in NYC is limited, but AT&T said its working closely with the city to extend coverage to more neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs.

The 5G plan is expected to be offered nationwide by the first half of 2020.

Additionally, AT&T is expected to open WarnerMedia Innovation Lab in 2020, in the Chelsea area. This lab will be the first of its kind to be run by their 5G network. The hub will also be the first permanent 5G experience center.