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Volcano tourism is exploding

It may be the most foolhardy vacation on the planet — waiting for Mother Nature to get angry and spew super-heated rock into the sky before jumping on a plane for a close up view.

But wow, what a view…

The power, beauty, and somewhat humbling fury of an erupting volcano is a rare sight which will stay with anyone lucky enough to witness it for a lifetime.

And there are few people in the world more qualified to help you than Australian scientist and volcano adventurer John Seach.

John has spent the last 22 years watching more than 150 eruptions and now provides both expertise to the world’s TV and film crews and runs his own travel company Volcano Live.

He specializes in offering would-be explorers both drop-of-a-hat expeditions at the first sign of an eruption and treks to the caldera of known active volcanoes.

“There is currently a lot of interest in volcanoes with the latest eruption in Iceland,” he said.

“Volcano enthusiasts come from all backgrounds and ages. The common factor is a sense of wonder for the natural world. Volcanoes are the most impressive of all natural events.”

He advised that Volcano tourism is not for the faint-hearted and there are real dangers attached.

“However in 21 years of volcano tours, I have never had an accident.”

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